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Ric DelleCave

Pursuing Hope

A Journey From Sorrow to Triumph

A compelling novel based on true events.

Frightened and confused, Rick faces an uncertain future.  Abandoned at an orphanage, by his narcissistic mother, Rick soon learns the dark side of Shady Acres.  Betrayed, abused and neglected, he endures untold sorrow from his malevolent housemother.  

Joyfully reunited with his family, he soon discovers a new level of fear.  Forced to watch his mother’s brutal beating, his stepfather soon turns his rage upon him.  Hardened by the street and physical abuse, Rick must use his instincts to survive.  

Maturing into manhood he discovers unconditional love and is led to faith and ultimate healing.

Hope relentlessly pursues the broken hearted.

Isaiah 49: 15 & 16

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